Why Rent a Restroom Trailer?

A restroom trailer is a more comfortable alternative to a porta potty. It comes equipped with flushable toilets, running water, and mirrors. It’s also more durable and upscale than a portable restroom.

To determine how many restroom trailer stations you need, first consider how long the event will last. Then, use this restroom trailer station chart to calculate how many people will need restrooms. Contact Rent a Restroom Trailer now!

Unlike standard portable restrooms, which can be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time due to lack of space and air conditioning, restroom trailers have spacious, clean stalls with ample counterspace. They also feature toilets with hot and cold running water, modern fixtures, and aesthetically pleasing designs. If you choose to rent a luxury restroom trailer for an event, your guests will appreciate the comfort and convenience of its amenities.

If you’re planning an event with a lot of people who will need to use the restroom, consider renting multiple luxury restroom trailers to ensure your attendees can find one close by. This will reduce congestion and prevent people from lining up outside restrooms that are full or unsanitary. Also, make sure your rental company can provide multiple toilets for an extended period of time if your event is a multi-day event.

Many people who attend outdoor events like charity races, weddings, and other formal gatherings want to feel comfortable when they need to use the restroom. Often, these events involve alcoholic beverages, which can lead to a greater need for the bathroom. With a restroom trailer, you can offer your guests comfortable accommodations for using the restroom and cleaning up as needed throughout the day.

Unlike the small spaces in standard portable restrooms, which can be difficult to maneuver in and not as well-lit at night, the stalls in a restroom trailer are spacious and have plenty of light for your guests to groom themselves and help children with their activities. They can even wash their hands and apply makeup comfortably, making a restroom trailer ideal for more formal occasions.

When you’re choosing a restroom trailer for your event, be sure to select a model that is appropriate for the number of people attending your multi-day event. Some models are ADA-compliant and can accommodate wheelchair users, while others have a more open floor plan that’s better for large crowds. You’ll also need to decide whether you need a luxury or a basic model, and what amenities you’d like to include.

Easy to Move

With the ability to move around different locations, restroom trailers are a popular alternative to portable toilets. These luxury restrooms can be used at remote construction sites, disaster relief zones or upscale events such as weddings. They feature rugged exterior wall construction and interior designs that can impress a variety of guests.

They’re also easy to set up, requiring just a few steps before you can start using them. Once you have the right location, simply back the trailer into place and make sure it’s level. You should also lower any stabilizing jacks present on the unit and deploy any stairs or handrails. Then, all that’s left to do is connect the restroom trailer to a power source and water hookup.

Most restroom trailers are equipped with ventilation systems to help maintain a clean environment and climate control systems for maximum comfort. These features can reduce the amount of trash that accumulates, which can be an issue with traditional portable toilets. Additionally, restroom trailers often include self-contained water tanks and plumbing for waste removal, eliminating the need for additional supplies or on-site storage.

Once the restroom trailer is in its final position, it’s important to take care of some maintenance tasks. If your trailer has a waste tank, it needs to be pumped out each day before transporting it. Depending on the model you choose, it may have a drain at the bottom of the tank for this purpose. It’s also a good idea to flush the tank with fresh water each time you empty it. This helps prevent odors from developing in the tank, which can be a problem if it’s not drained regularly.

In addition to pumping and flushing the tanks, you’ll also need to drain any freshwater in the system before transporting the trailer. This step is important because it helps protect the pipes from freezing and thawing, which can cause damage. If you’re using the restroom trailer for an event, consider performing this maintenance when the event is over to ensure that it’s ready to be used again.

It’s important to note that most restroom trailers require electricity for the climate control and lighting systems. This can be supplied via a standard power cord connected to the RV electrical hookup or through a generator. If you choose to use a generator, it’s best to invest in one that has a high wattage rating to help provide enough power for all of the appliances.

Portable Restrooms for Disasters

During natural disasters, people are forced to leave their homes and seek shelter in emergency facilities. These places often have limited resources and sanitation. This is where restroom trailers can help. Not only do these trailers offer a sanitary solution, but they also provide dignity and privacy to those displaced.

Often, displaced families are not given adequate toilet and shower facilities. This can lead to a host of issues, including diarrhoeal diseases and other infections. Moreover, lack of toilets can contribute to a sense of discomfort and insecurity. By offering a restroom and shower trailer, you can ensure that these families have access to essential facilities.

The use of restroom and shower trailers has been vital in disaster relief operations. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, for example, these trailers were deployed to assist displaced residents and relief workers. These mobile units featured multiple stalls, waste disposal systems, and hand washing stations. This allowed them to provide a hygienic and dignified solution for displaced individuals, while alleviating a heavy burden from local relief agencies and volunteers.

When a disaster strikes, it can displace thousands of individuals and affect the sanitary conditions of many communities. Traditional facilities may be overwhelmed and unusable, which is why restroom and shower trailers are so important. These upscale portable units can be set up quickly and moved to different locations as needed. They are designed to meet the needs of large and small crowds, accommodating a diverse range of disaster relief operations.

Unlike port-a-potties, portable restrooms and showers for disasters are real bathrooms with working toilets, sinks, air conditioning, and other amenities. The difference is remarkable. By providing a clean, comfortable bathroom trailer for your event, you can ensure that your guests enjoy the experience and feel valued. The next time you’re planning an outdoor event, consider renting a restroom trailer from Potty Girl. Our portable restroom calculator will give you a quick estimate of how many trailers you’ll need based on your estimated numbers, event length, and more. We also offer a variety of trailer sizes and styles to accommodate your unique event.


While the initial investment in a restroom trailer may seem high, it’s actually surprisingly affordable. Renting one for a few days, weeks, or months is a great way to ensure guests have access to sanitary facilities without breaking the bank. Moreover, a restroom trailer is an excellent choice for construction sites and other events that need permanent sanitation solutions.

Unlike portable toilets, restroom trailers use a conventional plumbing system that works like a home bathroom. They have flushable toilets, running water for hand washing, and stalls. Moreover, restroom trailers have heat and AC to keep guests comfortable in the summer or winter. They can also be customized with music, providing a soothing atmosphere for guests to freshen up and relax.

Another advantage of restroom trailers is that they’re easier to clean and maintain. In contrast to porta potties, which often become soiled and stained, restroom trailers can be easily cleaned with regular cleaning services. Additionally, they’re more accessible for people with disabilities than standard portable toilets.

A toilet trailer is also a great way to promote your business or brand. You can display your company’s logo, name, and address on the outside of the trailer. This is an ideal way to build brand awareness and generate buzz around your event. Moreover, you can also choose to have the trailer customized with specific colors and designs to make it more unique and appealing to your audience.

The biggest thing you’ll need to consider when renting a restroom trailer is the location where you’re going to place it. Most restroom trailers require a flat surface that isn’t too bumpy or uneven to allow it to operate properly. Moreover, it should be within proximity to a power source and water supply for operation. If you’re planning to place a restroom trailer on a private property, it’s best to ask for permission from the owner before renting. You can also check with the venue if they have any policies regarding restroom trailer rental placement.